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Anita goes for a routine basis checkup but the doctor decides its time for a little action: to finger her tight ass and take the ass temp, the gyn put a thermometer nice and deep in her tight asshole,then proceed to real good breast examination and vaginal checkups. We watching the full medical examination to the full and lets humiliate her a little with some nice deep anal fingering and some great enema insertion on these clips.
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She was a senior. A cheerleader. She was rich. Her family was established and well-connected, her daddy a member of the City Council of Beverly, Texas. And she was beautiful, heart-breakingly, staggeringly beautiful, in the way a pampered princess of 18 years can be.

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update3 "Tiffany, could I see you a moment please?" Ms. Warren, the Daniels cheerleader advisory, called out from her class to the passing senior. Tiffany stepped into the room. "Tiffany, have you had your physical yet?" "Oh, jeez, Ms. Warren," the teenaged beauty said, "I'm sorry. I guess I've been putting it off." "Well, you can't put it off any longer, dear. The deadline for the squad is tomorrow. And you know the rules: If you don't have a signed doctor's form and a complete physical every year, you can't be a cheerleader." "I know," Tiffany said, somewhat embarrassed by the intimacy of the topic. She hated going to her doctor for a physical, even though she was a woman, because it meant being naked, or nearly naked, and having her breasts examined for lumps and being on that God-awful examining table and having her legs up in the stirrups and all. After what Tiffany had been through in the past year the sexual degradation, humiliation and abuse that had been heaped on her by teachers, relatives and even strangers in a bizarre string of horrifying ordeals she could barely stand to be naked in the shower, let alone in front of a stranger.

update 4
"Step into Exam Room 1, take off your clothes and put on the gown. The doc will be with you in a second." Tiffany did as she was told, and stripped down to her knee socks (for warmth), lacy white cotton bra and white Victoria's Secret panties. She put on the thin cloth gown, and awkwardly tied it behind her back and around her neck. She could still feel how much of her back side was exposed by the long slit in the gown. Before she even had a chance to sit up on the examining table, Hope was back.
"Time to take your medical history," he said. He reached out and grabbed each of Tiffany's nipples, which were bigger and harder than they had ever been from the combined effects of the exciting cunnilingus, her fear, and the room's air-conditioning. He grasped each nipple tightly between thumb and forefinger and began to pull, just enough to cause the girl a small amount of pain.
update 5
The busty girl had no choice. Reluctantly, she unhooked her bra and set it aside. Her sweet adolescent breasts were now on full display, and Tiffany prayed the door to the exam room was locked, so those horrible workmen would not "accidentally" come in and see her. She lay down on the paper, her arms at her sides, her body rigid with anxiety. Her breathing was shallow, and her perfectly formed knockers rose and fell, rose and fell, in a delightful rhythm.
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I closed my eyes and slid off the tattered sweat shirt, then slithered out of the sports bra. I felt my breasts fall free. Then I felt the doctor's slim warm hands on them, gently pushing, prodding. "Arch your back, please, and put your hands behind your neck." I did so. I felt her gently massaging each breast with a different hand, and it sent jolts down to my pussy. I couldn't even think. Most of this seemed no different from regular exam, except she was so much gentler and much more attractive than anyone else who'd fondled me. The cuff of her smock brushed my right nipple and it did the diamond trick, again thrilling me and I stiffened. She stepped back about a foot, but made no move to leave or turn around, so I kicked off my running shoes and stood, facing her, about two feet away. I started to slowly shake my hips, swaying, as I hooked my thumbs in the waist of my shorts. I pulled them down slowly, right in front of her, flattening my hands against my hips and sliding off the lycra, rolling it, bending down slowly, feeling my breasts hang outwards, away from my body. Still swaying my hips, I rolled my shorts down to my ankles and stepped away from them, naked as I don't wear underwear with those shorts. I straighten slowly and looked into her face. She was smiling but her expression hadn't changed all that much.

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She slid her finger up into my clitoris hood, her long nail flicking off the tip of my clit. Then she slid it back down, further, further, sliding all of her long slick finger down and back into my pussy. Then just as slowly up and out again. She started sucking on my left nipple now, pulling out the right one, twisting and shaking my breast with it. All I was capable of now was short, quick, gasps and short moans. The doctor was fucking me with her hand now, and I was pumping my hips to meet her pounding hand. Her right hand held my pelvis down firmly just above my left hip-joint, and Leigh shoved me back and held me down by my shoulders. My pussy liquefied, my nipples almost burst, rockets went off in my brain, and I started to come. My eyes locked back into my head, and all my muscles lost control. My hips were spasming against the doctor's hands, but she held me down and continued to masturbate me. I started to scream, but a full breast was shoved into my mouth, and I sucked on it hard instead.
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Blond slut Jessica thinks she is pregnant for she hasn't had her menstruations for two months already. She comes to a gynecology clinic for a private gyno exam. She signs up at the reception for a medical examination and waits for the nurse. Then a cute blond nurse Parker comes, asks her several questions as to her health and then gets down to medical exam. She checks her pulse and her breath and then performs a careful boob exam. And then its time for a deep vagina exam. Parker checks her pelvic and views her vagina with a speculum. After that she asked her to lie face down for anal exam. She took some lube on her finger and inserted it into Jessica's sweet ass. The medical exam ended with a rectal thermometer.
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"As you may have already noticed, Doctor Wade, Lauren is an especially interesting patient, and I wanted your input concerning her "problem", although frankly I'm not sure that I consider it to be a real problem, if you know what I mean." John reached between Lauren's legs and pointed to her body parts as he continued. "Her vaginal opening is normal in size and configuration, her hymen no longer intact. The clitoris (he touched it with the tip of his ungloved finger as he spoke) is of normal size and responds to stimuli in a very normal fashion. (He stroked Lauren's clitoris, allowing it to swell and extend itself as we watched. Donna licked her lips and smiled at Lauren as her hips jerked from the contact) As you can see, the labia major are un-remarkable and have the elasticity which one might expect at Lauren's age and degree of sexual experience." (John spread her outer cunt lips open with two fingers of his right hand, allowing me to look further inside her pussy). Then he inserted a speculum to get better view of her cervix
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Sexy and seductive blonde teen wants to take part in sports competitions and needs a full medical exam to sign up. She comes to a hospital and consults the nurse. Then she undresses to reveal her nubile body. The nurse examines her tits and then gets down to her pink pussy. She thoroughly checks it with a speculum. In the end she gives her a rectal thermometer check and lets her go.
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The TREATMENT by gyn

When I returned from the bathroom, the nurse escorted me to the examination table, which she had covered with a pastel sheet. I sat on the raised bolster section at the end , then laid back assuming the pre-requisite position.... knees up, each slippered foot in a stirrup, thighs widely separated with my buttocks near the end of the table.

The robe had shifted up to around my waist and, except for the slippers, I lay naked from the waist down. Dr. Chadwick entered the room and stepped up beside me as I lay on the table.

"I hope that the cleansing enemas didn't make you too uncomfortable, but for anal sex, you might find that you'll be less inhibited if your not worried about cleanliness there. You can easily obtain any of the drugstore pre-bottled solutions and simply use it before you and your partner start making love ."

Continuing, he said, " I'm going to examine both your vaginal and rectal areas. I'm certain that we won't find any obvious abnormalities; the nurse noted that you did not, for example, suffer from hemorrhoids as she lubricated you, but I want to make sure that there's nothing else of note."

Moving to the end of the table, he stepped between my widely parted thighs and rolled a latex glove onto each hand.

The nurse handed him a tube of lubricant which he applied to his now gloved fingers. With one hand, he parted the lips of my vulva and, gently holding the lips of my labia between thumb and finger, worked down each side.

"You obviously take care of yourself. .... no lesions or gland inflammation. " he observed .

Holding back the covering hood of flesh, my clitoris was revealed and it , together with the area surrounding my urethra, came in for their share of diagnostic probings.

His finger traced the sensitive ridge sending a tiny chill of pleasure up my spine. No other exam had . ever evoked ..-that .. kind of response !

Moving his hand down to the opening of my vagina, two fingers were inserted and moved up inside me until I felt them at the tip of my cervix. He then rotated the fingers, pressing against the walls of my vagina and uterus in each direction.

"Just breath through your mouth, Ms. Broderick ..... and let yourself go " he soothingly advised.

Withdrawing his gloved hand, the nurse handed him a vaginal speculum - the nurse once more told me to relax and I felt the instrument enter my vaginal cavity, then a bit of pressure inside as the sides were opened. The Doctor adjusted the work lamp and peered down intently.

After, perhaps, a scant minute, and withdrawing the instrument, the Doctor walked to the head of the table, " Everything looks just fine there ..... your a very healthy woman. Are we ready for the next step ? "

I gave a thumbs-up and flexed my back "Ready !"

" Good, good ...... I'm going to be examining your anus and rectal areas for fissures or any other problems, and for this, the nurse is going to adjust your position so that I have, ahmm, maximum entrance ..... nurse, if you'll please ?" and gestured toward my legs.

The nurse gestured with her hand "Hmmmm .... I going to need you to scoot down a little farther ...... there, that's a girl.' and thus my buttocks were now off the edge of the table.

With a hand on my knee and another under my ankle, the nurse guided each leg back toward my head until it just about touched my breast. The stirrups were adjusted upward and to the rear, so that, after replacing each foot, I found myself in a jack- knifed position .......

.... my bottom fully extended in mid air; the lips of my vulva gaping open; soles of my slippers nearly parallel with the ceiling !

I could feel the air on my anus now that my buttocks were fully spread, and watched the nurse liberally lubricate the forefingers of the doctors' right hand with Vaseline.

" I'm going to insert one finger, initially, to examine you as far up as I can without instruments, then I'll introduce more as I feel you begin to acclimate to the exam. We'll be changing your position once more for the dilators .... I know this isn't very comfortable, but it will only last for a few minutes." He explained

I could only lay there while images of myself so very extremely exposed swirled in my head.

Stepping to my, now prominently displayed, perineum, he first probed around the perimeter of my anus, separating the opening on either side, after which he inserted his forefinger to the second joint , and rotated the finger at an angle to the rim.

" I'm just checking muscle elasticity at this point " He said. I felt him continue working the finger up inside me until his hand rested in the cleft of my stretched buttocks. He then described a circle with his finger deep in my bowel, pushing at the tissue in either direction.

I was glad at that point for the enema preparation as I felt as though a bowel movement would have been imminent.

Withdrawing his finger completely, he said " Excellent ! Next, I'll be introducing two fingers into your rectum; this to help you with the dilators later". Placing one finger over the other, I felt the firm, insistent, pressure of the insertion.

"I want you to push down on my fingers, as though you were trying to go to the bathroom, to relax your sphincter muscle"

I strained as instructed and felt a hollow feeling as the fingers made their way up my rectum. I felt his hand at my bottom again, and then a pressure as he rotated the fingers in place. I could feel the moisture from the liquefied Vaseline trickle to my tailbone mixed with the perspiration from my exertions.

menstrual fetish He paused for a moment, fingers still buried in my rump, then looked up at me "I can see why you had a problem with anal intercourse; your rectal sphincter is very tight and well muscled. "

"why don't you rest a moment ... we'll be re-positioning you in just a minute ...."

As I regained my senses , I happened to turn my head toward the instrument tray ........ the smooth, gleaming ebonite shafts had been lined up .........
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