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The Setting:

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A medium sized medical clinic, set amongst a large industrial park consisting of warehouses, trucking companies, and light manufacturing, catering to same regarding on the job injuries as well as pre-employment physicals, and occasionally functioning as an extension to the major university hospital not far away.

The Character:

One Kyle Killian, a sixth year student at the university who has just received his degree in civil engineering, while working full time at the clinic all of those years, and will now be leaving for a lengthy time on a Brazilian dam project.


It was Memorial Day and the clinic was closed, and a perfect opportunity for Kyle to enter the clinic and patch up all the holes he made in the walls, drilled specifically to watch all the disrobing and subsequent physicals of all the prospective employees, especially the women.

He donned a white lab coat, lest the plaster get all over his clothes and went to work, pausing and smiling as he patched the holes in the room where Nurse Connie worked. My god, the woman liked her job! Telling each person, both male and female, to undress as she watched their every movement, and insisting, and quoting the law, that she had to watch as they urinated into the specimen cups for later drug testing.

Then, while they were stark naked, weighing and taking medical history, never missing an opportunity to fondle their genitals while assuming all sorts of lewd positions.

He would miss her and never, ever, forget the time the local high school sent over all the soccer players for their exams, as the result of some new state law. What a time Nurse Connie had with all of those nubile bodies; the girls, with their budding breasts, and the boys with their raging hormonal cocks, that she fondled without hesitation and left the poor wretches stiff and unsatisfied.

Kyle finished patching the last hole, and just settled down to wait for the plaster to dry prior to painting, when he heard the buzzer indicating that the someone had entered the front door. "Shit!" he exclaimed and thought that he must not have entered the correct alarm code, and the police were sent. But no problem, he had his ID and the permission of the clinic manager to come in on the holiday.

But he was wrong. It was not the police. A girl of oriental origin stood waiting in the lobby, calling out a feint "hello?".

Confidently, Kyle approached the girl, and although her English was broken, it was understandable. She was a transfer student from Bejiing and would be working part time at the University. After reading the papers she presented to him, it was clear, that she was there for her physical. Kyle reasoned correctly, that she had no idea what Memorial Day was, or its significance as a business closed holiday.

Kyle's blood boiled at her beauty, and at once thought, "hey, why not?" as he ushered the girl into Nurse Connie's station.

He told her to undress, assuming the condescending demeanor of the doctors he had witnessed over the years, and watched as her pale white face flushed at the order. She was nervous and shy, but on the other hand, seemed almost trained in obedience, and Kyle watched intently as she began to remove her clothing, bending and looking at him with wide eyes.

When she was nude, Kyle had her stand still, arms at her sides and walked around her, with his clip board in hand. He marveled at the thick pudenda, with its fat lips, disproportionately large for such a small woman. As well as were her nipples, perched atop small fleshy breasts, they were nearly an inch long and in swelled erection. Genetics crossed his mind.

She held her head high, and he wondered if it was pride or practiced submission. After he weighed her, all 110 pounds of her just five foot frame, he had her spread her legs, lace her fingers behind her head, and close her eyes.

Kyle had witness the neurolocical examination many times, where the doctor touched the patient all over with the head of pin, and asked to identify what part of the body he had just touched with the pin.

He watched the girl breathe heavily with her eyes closed and her arms and legs spread. Kyle touched the pin to her right temple and she identified it correctly. Then the left and so on. The pin touched her breasts then the nipples themselves, as the correct response brought responses that resembled moans, and finally a concerned scream as Kyle pushed the pin against the nipple just a little too hard.

He apologized profusely and used his fingers to feel the nipples in order, he explained, to ascertain if there, indeed, was any injury. This took quite some time, and Kyle squirmed with arousal as he felt the swelling nipples.

Kyle smiled as he squatted down and looked directly between her wide spread legs and into those fat lips, sparsely covered with the darkest of pubic hair. He gently touched the pin to the plump left vaginal lip.

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