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The Exam. (3art of the gyno story) Even though she was nervous and excited, Robin actually nodded off for a few moments and was snapped back to reality by a deep masculine voice that boomed, "I'm Dr. Hawkins, and you must be Robin!" "Uh, yes," she replied softly. "I'm glad to meet you, Robin," he said while extending his hand. "Now, how may I help you?!?" "Uh, I'm here for a regular check up," she replied a little red faced. "I see," he said while picking up her chart. "It says here that you're due for a pelvic and breast exam," he said almost absentmindedly. "Is that right?" "Yes," she said with a small moan. "Okay," he replied with a killer smile, "then let's get to it." Just then nurse Ames entered the room, and with a nod form Dr. Hawkins, helped Robin up onto the examining table. "Put each foot into a stirrup, please," she said in a workman like manner. "She's all ready, doctor," Melody Ames said softly. "Thank you," he replied while sitting down on a stool at the foot of the table. "Please pull back the robe," he said to the nurse. Almost immediately Robin's vagina drenched itself at the very though of having a strange man and woman looking at her most private of parts. "Most physicians wear latex gloves during the examination," Dr. Hawkins said a matter of factly. "But I feel that a lot can be missed that way, so if you don't mind I'll forgo the gloves and use my bare hands." "I-I don't mind at all," Robin stammered. "Good, then let's get started!" he quickly replied.

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